Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Something that someone told me about myself that I will never forget is:

I am fearfully & wonderfully made.

For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

I didn’t fully understand what God’s love for me was. It wasn’t until verses such as this one made their way to my heart. I’d heard the verse before, but full understanding didn’t come until later. This verse is one of God’s many beautiful declarations of love. Once it was broken down, talk about an AH-HA! I understood how truly loved and special and on purpose I am.

My home was broken, my stepfather was unfaithful and my mom chose to leave. I don’t fault her. She did what she thought was the right decision for her. Does a part of me wish she would have tried to work it out, absolutely. I have learned through life experiences, that sometimes in the heat of the moment, we react first and think later. And other times we have an idea in our minds of right or wrong and there is no changing it. This may have been the first of quite a few circumstances that rocked my world and changed my course. I am adult enough to accept responsibility for my actions, because ultimately the decisions were mine. However, I do believe that some of my decisions were made based on my hurt and anger that I refused to deal with at that time. I was seeking love, I was missing my norm.

Fast forward a few years, I was doing things I had no business doing. I was drinking, going out to clubs, dating older men, and just being reckless. At this particular time in my life, I thought of relationships as a joke. I didn’t believe in the monogamy and I didn’t think anyone would be faithful. So why bother. My history with relationships has not been a great one. With each one a piece of me has broken off, or pushed deep down inside and made me feel, invisible, unworthy and not valued. And as I did before, I found ways to mask what I was feeling. This was a terrible cycle that I was desperate to break.

I asked a few friends and family members what this particular verse meant to them. Their responses are honest, and personal.

I´d like to ask you take a moment to read the verse, and reflect on what is means to you. Share what it means to you, as a response, private message, via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You never know who you may touch.

Mucho Amor 💗

My interpretation – I believe that God took his time, put together every single part of you. We are made of cells, muscle, veins, bones, flesh, and all the extras. And all of that was pieced together to make the perfect you! Your look, your skin tone, your hair. You are an Original! One of a kind masterpiece! Hearing some one make this clear to me, made a world of difference in how I value myself. How I see my purpose and how I carry myself.

God Lover/Mom/Homemaker – Personally FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made means to me he took his time when he created us in his image we were created for him by him to worship him respect him (fearfully) and wonderfully made in his likeness and glory we are one with God when we truly believe and serve his son Jesus fearfully and wonderfully made means to me were way more than the flesh we see in a mirror.

Social Worker – It means living life on my own terms, taking risks, making mistakes and learning lessons along the way. It’s the fabric of life that was paved for me by my mother, father, grandparents and aunts to be a better version of myself each day. It’s the sacrifices of my ancestors where fear of the unknown and passion meet all in the sake of happiness and prosperity.

CEO of Charitable Organization – Being fearfully and wonderfully made means God has made and equipped you with the tools to withstand the test of time. Knowing that challenges will come but you will supersede those challenges, and with grace. You know enough to know that God is omni present. Sometimes we have to get beyond our own shadow of doubt.

Apartment Community Manager – God made me without exceptions He crafted me individually and with careful thought and precision. Perfect to Him and specific, created to please and honor Him! Made by the hand of God, one breath and I came to life!

Business Owner – Thankfulness

Franchise Owner – Being in his image, thy fruitful creation, graceful in his mercy for allowing it to all be. Faithful in knowing he will cover me. And fearful of his love not being there.

Call Center Supervisor – You are strong and especially created to be the person you are. God made you this way because he knew you before you were born. It is an awesome compliment.


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