Today’s Ah-Ha Moment

My work is important! And God sees it! Today’s moment came super early, as a matter of fact it was on my way to work. As I am listening to the local Christian radio station (gotta get my early morning inspiration to prepare for the day :-)~) The wife of a successful musician is speaking about how alone and detached she felt as a stay at home mom, like she didn’t matter. Now, the average individual may think, seriously? You are comfortable enough to have the privilege to stay home and raise your children. Or its not that hard. Or even stay stop whining. For those that have or have had the opportunity to be at home with their children know, that is like having five full-time jobs! Maybe exaggerating a tad, but its no easy task. Her moment of clarity came when she turned to God and was reminded, that her work as a mom, raising a child is important and not in vain. God knows, He see’s, He appreciates. Whether you are a custodian, teacher, executive, or the POTUS. Your work is important! Love it, even when you want to scream. Appreciate it, even when it doesn’t seem like enough. Most importantly do your best at it, even when it doesn’t seem fair. It’s is never in vain! I was lead to this bible verse months ago. Stand firm, your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58. I put it as my screen saver, because I felt like I needed the daily reminder. Today I know why! My work as a Customer Service Representative is important, right now! Have an extremely AMAZING day!

Mucho Amor, Amarilis.


9 thoughts on “Today’s Ah-Ha Moment

  1. “Stand firm, your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58.” Love it I have to remind my self daily… I love what I do but I have my moments.

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  2. Yes!!! I can attest to this! Especially when a kid or anyone for that matter comes up to you and asks, sooo why don’t you work? And at first it felt like damn how did I end up here? 11 years with the same company going from full time employer to part time to uuuum here! (Home) how did it happen?! But God knows why and truth is I had been struggling with some health issues and it became necessary for me to be home my body was experiencing and going through shifts and changes, I could write a book!! Anyways long story short being home hasn’t been easier theirs tons of laundry, daily chores and trust me always something to do, ever more so when you have a BIG family 🙂 love my kiddos, so for any mother out there who thinks picking up lost cheerios that got away 100 times a day from the floor! Is just repetition it isnt! Your important what you do matters! We all matter! So as Amarilis says whatever you do, do so with love it’s all rewarding in the end someone is watching someone is learning, heck there you go we’re even teachers without a degree😁

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      1. I have only started less than two months ago. 😊 Am enjoying it and unexpectedly found this community encouraging and friendly. Time is indeed a challenge as we have to write and read at the same time. I think you can just take your time to write. No need to pressure yourself to post frequently. Just enjoy the process And do take some time to read others and interact with them. Participate in First Friday will also increase your exposure. Best of luck to you. 😊💪🏻

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